What games do you think need a modern 'reboot'?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
I'm sure there are lots of games that we keep back in the childhood memories box in our heads because we can't play them anymore, due to the fact we might not have the older consoles required or they're not backwards compatible with our modern ones. For me, there are defo a couple of games that I feel need a real 2019 'version' making to bring the game back to life in a modern manner.

The biggest game for me that I would love to see back is a variant of Timesplitters. I used to play that game nearly everyday when I was back in school, was hilarious. What about you? Which game do you think needs a real reboot?
I think too many games have been rebooted this year. And I think reboots need to slow down. At the most remasters need to be done. And many old games need to be done with the facelift. That's what would change the modern games look and feel. It won't be possible for all but it's definitely needed.
I wouldn't say its too old but I would love a more modern Vice City. There are rumours that Rockstar are doing exactly that though so *fingers crossed*
I think we could use a really decent bomberman game. The same that got endless play from the NES and SNES era.
Half life and Quake with new reboot would be good. And narrative based gaming in quake and doom series would be even more better option. I think lot of games need to have more narrative and the campaign style added to them would be a good start.

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