Rumor Ubisoft+ to follow EA Play into Xbox Game Pass by 2021


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May 30, 2020

A couple of days ago, a post listing the top 10 biggest Xbox rumors published on the Xbox Worlds blog gained a lot of traction, even though the post itself was pretty barebones and didn’t include any sources. Still, one of the rumors that got picked up by several YouTubers and news outlets is that Ubisoft+, the publisher game subscription service, could join Xbox Game Pass in holiday 2021.

Ubisoft+ originally launched as Uplay+ on PC through Ubisoft’s Uplay game launcher, and the $14.99 subscription service currently includes all of the publisher’s latest games on day one plus their DLCs at no additional cost. Following a rebranding to Ubisoft+, the publisher recently made its games available at no additional cost on Google Stadia as well as Amazon’s new Luna game subscription service which is currently in early access in the US.

I've seen rumours about Ubisoft Uplay+ joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. I think this has a strong chance of being true, based on stuff I've heard.

I imagine it would be a vault or smaller slice of older games, but crazier things have happened. I always thought EA Play would be an extra tier of Game Pass, but they just rolled that bad boy right in. Guess we'll see.

If that turns out to be true, then Game Pass is hands down the best value in gaming...
Extremely jealous of Xbox gamers. The Game Pass is a great deal and honestly one of the best things Microsoft has done

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