Trials of Mana Day One Update To Introduce New Dashing Methods; Difficulty Level is Reportedly Low


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Dec 12, 2018
Trials of Mana

Trials of Mana is getting a day one update that will introduce new dashing methods.

The 1.01 update, which will release alongside the game on April 24th, will allow players to choose between three different dashing methods. The update will also include minor bug fixes.

Trials of Mana 1.01 Update Notes
  • Added the “Dash Method” option – This allows you to choose from one of the following three dash methods:
    • Normal – Press the dash button to enter the dash state. To return to normal speed, either press the button again, stop moving, or enter battle.
    • Continuous – Press the dash button to enter the dash state. Return to normal speed is only possible by pressing the button again. Otherwise, you will remain in the dash state even after you stop and move again, or after the end of a battle.
    • Automatic – Automatically enters the dash state after one second of movement.
  • Minor bug fixes, etc.
The PC version of the game will not include the 1.01 update in its base download, so the update will have to be downloaded after the game has been installed.

On a related note, some lucky players managed to get their hands on Trials of Mana already. While the general consensus seems positive, some users, such as GameFAQs user NeoRamza are finding the game a bit on the easy side, even on Hard mode.

There have been a few challenging bosses, and even against normal enemies, I'm using candy & chocolate quite a bit sometimes. So it seems to get harder and harder at least, but I feel it's too easy for too long at the beginning. It's still on the easier side where I'm at, and I feel like most regular enemies die a bit quickly, sometimes from a single combo. Then again, I am playing as Kevin (brawler/dark), who hits pretty hard, and there are enemies that have a lot more HP than others.
Trials of Mana launches on April 24th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch worldwide.


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