Top 10 best games on Roblox game – Part 1


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May 13, 2021
If you are curious about what is the best games on Roblox, so this is for you.

Roblox is a platform that allows players to design games and share them with everyone, along with an online play feature. Roblox’s game system is rated as child and teen-friendly. As a free platform, however, Roblox players can still earn money through Robux coins.

Released in 2010, along with the impacts caused by the Covid 19 pandemic. The number of players on the platform is growing rapidly, currently more than 164 million players.

With games aimed at fun entertainment and simple design. Roblox has retained a large user base during its more than 10 years of development since late 2010.

What are the best Roblox games?

JailBreak – Best Roblox Escape Game

JailBreak is like a natural version of GTA with more minimalistic game content. In the game, you will be able to choose to become a prisoner who is trying to escape from prison to loot in many different areas, such as museums, banks, jewelry stores, factories.

In addition, you can also become a bright scene to chase those who intend to rob the aforementioned areas to recover the money they have robbed. Police are also equipped with weapons and support equipment. Once you have decided on the position you want to play. You will feel the game like a miniature city of GTA with a lot of fun.

JailBreak – Best Roblox Escape Game

Adopt Me – Best Simulation Roblox Game

Adopt Me is a game about adopting babies, pets, and building houses. Is a game that has contributed to a huge income for DreamCaft developers. In the game, you can choose to be a baby need to be adopted or an adult to raise a child.

In the span of over 2 years of development, the content in Adopt Me is constantly evolving with new content being added to the game. Especially the pet feature, with a variety of common and rare pets. Also, new types of Game passes are constantly being released.

Every month, Adopt Me has more than 12 million regular visitors, mainly young gamers. Adopt me is also suitable for family members to play together.

Adopt Me – Best Simulation Roblox Game

Murder Mystery 2 – Best Mystery Roblox Game

One of the simplest but most addictive games is a survival game with a bit of horror. Murder Mystery 2 is a survival between 10 different players, revolving around a murder in which you need to find the culprit. Each player will have a different mission, besides there will be a culprit and a sheriff.

If you are an innocent person, you need to try to survive to the end. While the perpetrator will try to assassinate other players, the innocent can also stop the culprit if they have enough evidence. Finally is the sheriff, who needs to find and kill the culprit before he kills the other players.

Murder Mystery 2 is a simple and addictive game because each level does not take too long but still creates a sense of suspense for the player. Since its release to date Murder Mystery 2 has reached over 2 billion plays on Roblox and has become one of the most popular games on the platform.

Murder Mystery 2 – Best Mystery Roblox Game

MeepCity – 2nd Simulation Roblox Game

MeepCity is the fourth most popular game among the 10 best Roblox games on this platform. MeepCity is more similar to Adopt Me as in this you need to purchase a property, alter your own home. Likewise, you can take on a Meep animal.

There are numerous different activities in MeepCity, for example, purchasing furniture for your home or bring in additional cash. Fundamentally, the MeepCity server upholds up to 200 players so you have more friendly communication.

MeepCity – 2nd Simulation Roblox Game

Arsenal – Best Roblox Fighting Game

On the off chance that you are an aficionado of Call of Duty, you would clearly adore Arsenal as everything’s tied in with shooting.

You can have the best fight in an agreeable climate in Arsenal with your companions similarly as with an assortment of weapons, novel abilities, and various things you can alter your soldier.

You can likewise get to the highest point of your gathering on the off chance that you got epic shooting abilities. Starting from around 2015, Arsenal has more than 3 billion times have been playing Arsenal.

Arsenal – Best Roblox Fighting Game
We will continue to introduce to you 5 more best games on Roblox may you will like to play.


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