Social Media Smackdown on CyberArena


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Oct 2, 2023
Didn’t get to see the Elon vs Mark fight on CyberArena ?

CyberArena is a play2Earn Metaverse The 1st real-time online multiplayer AR and VR fighting game, powered by $DOGE. Studio with 30M+ players Incubated by DaoMaker.

Lately on CyberArena fight night we got to see Elon battle Mark, this happened as CyberArena are ready to launch the "Social Media Smackdown " campaign on Oct 9th.

Cyber Arena "Social Media Smackdown," is a special edition mobile game where you can pick to battle as Zelon Musk or Dark Zuckerberg and challenge players to real-time, multiplayer staked battles in $DOGE or $CAT 🐶🐱! Built on @BNBCHAIN

Don't be left out... There's more coming.
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