Rob Wyatt, Xbox architect sues Atari over unpaid work on crowdfunded console


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Dec 11, 2018
Rob Wyatt, perhaps best known as the system architect on Microsoft's original Xbox, has filed a lawsuit against Atari Gamebox LLC. The suit, filed in a federal court in Colorado, alleges that the company has failed to pay Wyatt and his firm Tin Giant nearly $262,000 invoiced for work on the long-delayed Atari VCS microconsole.
Wyatt says in his lawsuit that he and Tin Giant have been unfairly defamed as "scapegoats" for these development troubles to the press. "The fact that Atari’s Console Project was or is delayed has nothing to do with the quality of Tin Giant’s work but is the fault of Atari’s own mismanagement of the Console Project," Wyatt alleges in his suit. "The architecture being used by Atari on the Console Project is exactly what Plaintiffs designed under the Agreement."
"For decades... the Atari Group had little to no experience relevant to advanced hardware development," Wyatt writes in his lawsuit. "For example, the Atari Group had not developed or brought to market a gaming console for more than 20 years."

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