PAX 2021 dates announced, in-person game events planned


PAX 2021 dates have been announced by organisers ReedPop and Penny Arcade, with in-person game events planned.

The organisers have declared that PAX East in Boston, PAX West in Seattle and PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia will take place in 2021, though PAX South in the USA and PAX AUS in Australia will not.

Kyle Marsden-Kish, PAX Event Director, said:
While we look forward to hosting shows in 2021, we are first and foremost members of the local communities in Boston, Philadelphia, and Seattle, where we call home.

We care deeply for the health and safety of our amazing attendees and industry partners who have brought PAX to life for 17 years. We are cautiously optimistic about improvements in the global COVID-19 situation next year, but we are carefully monitoring the situation to make sure PAX only proceeds if deemed safe to do so.

ReedPop and Penny Arcade declared the dates via the PAX website, it reads:
We’re announcing our dates now to help partners plan for the upcoming year on how they might attend as well as provide a chance to start conversations about how to bring attendees, panelists, exhibitors, and our broader community together with these events that are 7 months away.

The dates are as follows:
PAX East: 3-6 June 2020 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
PAX West: 3-6 September 2020 at the Washington State Convention Center
PAX Unplugged: 10-12 December 2020 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center

The USA is currently reporting 171,024 daily COVID-19 cases, totalling to 14,708,287 cases since the pandemic started. The country has sadly reported 284,902 deaths from those total cases. PAX organisers’ news comes as several pharmaceutical companies are trialling vaccines; Britain has moved to approve one from Prizer-BioNTech.
Well, glad they're preparing for a best case scenario, but I hope they've got backup plans in case COVID doesn't clear up in time. Whether that's limiting attendees, implementing social distancing protocols or something else along those lines. It's nice to dream of everything going back to normal, but it's best to prepare for things as if the status quo were unchanged.
I think it's safe to set it that far out in advance, vaccines are starting to roll out.

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