Nintendo sold 3.3 million Switch consoles in France


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Dec 25, 2018

Key points:
- 1.25 million Switch sold in 2019 (its best year in France so far, 1.1 million in 2018 in comparison)
- 11% of French homes have a switch
- 30% of the users are women, Nintendo is expecting this figure to grow thanks to Animal Crossing
- Pokémon Sword and Shield sold 650k copies in 2019
- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sold 502k copies in 2019
- Luigi's Mansion 3 sold 392k copies in 2019
- Ring Fit sold 120k copies in 2019. It's currently out of stock.
11% of homes sounds a bit low, haha. I am curious to know how the figures compare with the other consoles, is it that people prefer Sony and Xbox a lot more or is it just that the majority of homes of French people are not really into buying gaming consoles.

That being said sounds like a better year than 2018 and I guess another way to look at it is that this means that the amount of Switch holds in households most likely doubled from20108, which is excellent!

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