News Nintendo Switch sold more units than all the other consoles combined in 2020 in the UK


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May 30, 2020

Perhaps it's not a huge surprise, given that apparently Switch owners are the most likely to own another console, but in 2020, the Nintendo Switch outsold Xbox and PlayStation in the UK by a lot. Like... a lot a lot.

It's tempting to see this as a huge success for Nintendo, and it is, but it's also a huge success for us - the people who play games. More than ever, consoles are moving away from the idea of "rival" consoles, and away from the idea that video games are for children and nerds, with accessible family games, fitness games, and even games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons that apparently drove some people to buy extra household Switches. Of course, a lot of Nintendo games are Switch-exclusive, and although Xbox and Sony have their fair share of exclusives, it pales in comparison to Nintendo's first-party, Switch-only offerings, which is probably why many people seem to own a Switch as well as another console.


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