Next big PS5 firmware upgrade will finally bring PS5 streaming to PS Plus Premium


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Jan 7, 2023
The update, currently scheduled for March 8, 2023 (as revealed by myself in August 2022) will include the full Discord integration that was revealed in 2021.

In addition to the Discord integration, sources have revealed that PlayStation 5 games will also be streamable on the PlayStation 5 via cloud streaming (to save that all-important drive space). It was said that this feature will be included in the PlayStation Plus Premium Tier. The feature, under the project name "Cronus" has been in development and testing for a number of months, sources revealed.

Insider Gaming also understands that the public Beta for the Playstation 5 7.00 update will start in the coming days, with the completion date ending on January 30. However, sources said that beta testers will not be able to use the discord integration functionality during this Beta.


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