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Neblio Developer Central Buildathon and Game Jam

Hi guys my dev group, Neblio Developer Central has organised a Hackathon/gamejam for software and game developers. The curve ball is that it must have some form of blockchain integration within the app/game or web based project. Registrations are now open. Devs will have to submit all entries between September 16th - September 30th. Can enter solo or as part of a team/small studio.

There will be prize money and prizes. Current prize pool sitting at around 10,183 NEBL which is approximately just under $6000, to be divided between three winners.

There will also be a community vote for the community's favourite project that could win additional prizes. VR/AR and other games on mobile or PC are also valid entries as well as mobile, desktop and web apps/sites. Could be a great way for devs to get working on a live project which could get quite a lot of attention fr the Blockchain/crypto Community

More information in this article/FAQ with links to the event page and other resources. Thanks guys and good luck if taking part!

“Get Ready For The First Neblio Buildathon” by Nebliodevcentral


That's quite cool and sounds awesome. The prizes are great too so I don't think you will have trouble finding entrants. Good luck with the hackathon!
That's quite cool and sounds awesome. The prizes are great too so I don't think you will have trouble finding entrants. Good luck with the hackathon!

Thanks Ash! Yes we are starting to get some sign ups now so thats good. Yes the prizes are really solid, considering this was a community funded event. Just reaching out to the developer commuity. Would especially love to see some entries made with VR/AR as they will bring some serious wow factor. But also other apps, thinking outside of the box. What kinds apps do people need that don't exist yet? What problems are there that need solving. We are looking for some great concepts and ideas, being realized as functioning apps whilst using elements of blockchain to bring in different types of solutions.

Many developers are still not that familiar with it, but with Neblio, 8 of the most common programming languages are supported so theres a high chance that a web developer using Javascript, or a game dev using C# and Unity, or a mobile app dev building something in Java for mobile, all of which are supported by Neblio so the learning curve may not be as steep as some may think.

Since I have some dev exerience myself but was totally self taught, just threw myself into the deep end so to speak and did a VR software dev course, three projects in 3 months and being out of my comfort zone it was a real challenge but this is what it's about, not playing safe, challenging yourself, learning new things and putting it all together to produce some interesting and unique applications ;)
Hi again guys, just an update on the Buildathon. We have decided to extend the duration of it by an extra month. We are seeing interest picking up and we want to give all Participants a chance to learn the blockchain aspect of development required to integrate into their apps and games and some who have signed up later to be able to get their projects completed.

“Buildathon Update And Duration Extension” by Nebliodevcentral

We also have some good activity in our discord group where we have many kinds of developers in. Such as game and VR Devs, web, and even a couple of cyber security experts! So feel free to join our community and of course take part in the Buildathon if interested ;) prize fund is now over $6600 in the NEBL crypto token based on the current exchange rate with the winner getting 50% of the total pot.

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