Microsoft has brought back Shadowrun 2007's Matchmaking Service


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Jun 20, 2023
It was once supposed that Shadowrun servers were doomed for good, however it turns out that it was simply a few community members trying to make others believe that everything was doomed when it was just dedicated servers that were hit, and the peer-to-peer backbone still working. Though it wasn't found until about a year ago (I started a thread assuming it was back from the dead) and the Shadowrun community discord sorta surged in membership gain (from 400 to over 2k in a matter of months), which led to a modest but devoted resurgence of the game.

Then, a few days ago, Microsoft changed several Xbox 360 matching services, which repaired Call of Duty games on the console but effectively killed the Shadowrun matching service. So a few people (including myself) contacted Microsoft, and they ended up repairing it, not just making it function again, but also making it operate better than it has ever worked in the game's history. The game used to pretend search for servers, which would take a long before placing you in a match, but whatever they changed completely removed that process, and now Search > Match takes around 3 seconds instead of 30+.

I just wanted to thank Adam Isgreen, Jason Ronald, and what I guess is the Xbox BC team for connecting the connections and correcting something they didn't have to and making it better than it was before.

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