McDonald’s to donate 1 million N95 masks to Illinois health care workers


McDonald’s plans to donate 1 million N95 masks to health care workers in Chicago and Illinois as concerns mount that hospitals will run out of safety gear to protect those on the front lines fighting COVID-19.

The Chicago-based fast-food giant said it came across and purchased the stash of coveted N95 masks as it searched for nonmedical-grade masks to distribute to McDonald’s workers nationwide. The company plans to donate 750,000 of them to the city of Chicago and 250,000 to the state of Illinois.

McDonald’s said it has been coordinating with its global network of suppliers to help local communities and was able to procure the masks from a Chinese supplier. The company previously donated $1 million and 400,000 KF94 masks, the Korean equivalent of N95s, to Illinois’ COVID-19 relief fund.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker, in a statement, said he was grateful for the company’s contribution of masks “as we continue to track down every piece of protective gear we can find for the brave health care workers and first responders fighting COVID-19.”
Pritzker has pressed the White House for help in securing personal protective equipment and ventilators as the state dips into its stockpile, and last week he said a recent shipment of masks from the federal government didn’t contain the 300,000 N95s he requested, but basic surgical masks.