List your top 5 favourite PC games


1. The perfect MMORPG which doesn't exit.
2. Counter Strike: Global Offensive - If the problem with cheaters, trollers and griefers get resolved it will be actually much better to play. Nowadays at least 1 out of every 3 competitive games you will see someone with a wallhack.
3. Grand Theft Auto V - Playing mainly the online feature. I get my businesses going strong there, do missions, have some fun in races, deathmatches and things like that.
4. Dead by Daylight - Very enjoyable video game but I don't have friends to play it with.
5. Minecraft - Still playing that thing from time to time but not that much anymore.


I'd say there are plenty of good games.

1. Bioshock
2. Resident Evil series
3. Serious Sam series
4. Minecraft
5. Anthem

Games like those can be pretty fun to play as well.

Martin Berisford

Article Author
My two favourite games at the moment are (and mostly always has been) Grand Theft Auto San Andreas purely for the nostalgia but also the PC modding capabilities which just make it that much more fun. The other game I'm smashing lately is PUBG, the battle royale game. Seems to have been overshadowed a little by APEX lately but it's still such a good game. So strategic and my first real foray into FPS on PC. Great games!


Recently played few rounds of the beast inside game. And I have so far loved it. I know many other gamers may also find it useful in case of the horror games out there. So I am dropping the gameplay trailer for those who want to try it out.