Limbaugh and Fox News protest against social distancing


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Dec 11, 2018
RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): By the way, there are uprisings all over this country against governors and their restrictions. It's happening. People aren't going to put up with this. People instinctively know we got to get back to work. We have to reopen the economy. People instinctively know now that however bad this is, it isn't as bad as they all told us.

Not one model has been even close to correct and everything the medical and health experts have implemented or advised to be implemented have been based on these erroneous models. The American people are starting to get very suspicious and very frustrated because none of the data matches what we have done here. None of the data matches the behavior.

There is nothing. There is — The American — 22 million people sidelined, 22 million people furloughed, left off. How many of those jobs are even coming back? How many of those businesses are going to reopen? This is a very, very serious thing — self-inflicted — and the American people are beginning to say, “Why did? We’re not dealing with millions of deaths. We’re not dealing with the absolute worst-case scenario.”

Remember, now, the doomsayers always win. The doomsayers get to predict the absolute worst, and then when it comes in far better, they say, “See? It’s our prediction that made it better. We made people change their behavior.” They never lose. But people are getting wise to it now.


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