LEGO NES set announced, coming August 2020


LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) set has been officially announced, coming August 1.

The set is priced at £209.99 GBP and consists of a console, retro TV, Super Mario Bros game cartridge and, controller. The controller is described as “life-sized” while the TV’s dimensions are 8” (22.5cm) high, 9” (23.5cm) wide and 6” (16cm).

Furthermore, the set allows LEGO Super Mario integration, allowing original music from Super Mario Bros. to be played when Mario of that set is placed on the TV of the NES set.

Check out the set in action below. What do you make of the LEGO NES set?



Feb 7, 2019
I wonder how many people will go out and actually buy this set. I mean I don't see much value for this type of the hobby. Though there are some hardcore LEGO users and they tend to keep the hobby going. So theya re going to collect it no matter what.