Is there a link between video games and violence?


Feb 1, 2019
Some studies say it is not linked.

But some studies show that every criminal arrested has game playing history. And they have played the violent games in the past. So the school shooter kids and other criminals are also into this type of the issues.

What do you think?
I think there is a tendency but violent behavior is a personal decision. Video games is just a game. To be violent to others without any cause is a different thing.
In the context of mind conditioning and the used of simulation to display a real situations in the field of education. Violent games has an impact to children. I've seen how unfeelings kids are nowadays. Thank to social media and violent pc and mobile games. Researches has vast amount of discovery regarding how video games and other forms of violence can be link to behavior. The end decision though, depends on the individual.
I think there is a tendency but violent behavior is a personal decision. Video games is just a game. To be violent to others without any cause is a different thing.

I agree. It depends on you on how you take it. You already know what is wrong or right in every thing you do. It depends on what you think. You could not be violent for no reason. As for kids, we need to guide them. It is better that we avoid these kind of games or educate them.
I think not! On the contrary, games allow us to release the stress accumulated through our life. Such as boxing a ragdoll is better for stress relief. Same goes and applies to the games out there. Violent nature doesn't come from the gaming, but lurks within a person himself.
In a way, yes there might be a slight correlation. However, until now there is no concrete evidence that can prove this. Most of the time, the evidence that scholarly journals’ editorial biases just distorts the scientific record on violent video games.
I think that violent games may somehow contributes behavioral problem especially with those kids that aren't guided by parents. They are wild and ill mannered while playing. The more extreme experience the more adrenaline rush. They have this attitude "Swag". This somehow influence the moral values of a child. Plus, kids will be very unproductive in most times.
Unintentionally. I guess it somehow "promotes" violence but it still depends on the person playing the game. If he's well aware that violence (be it on a game, film or tv series) is just added to spice up the material and should not be emulated, then there shouldn't be a problem.
Well, i dont think that the violent games promote violent behaviour especially if you are an adult. However violent games can certainly influence the minds of children and younger generation. When the children get addicted to such games then the behavior promoted in the game becomes a part of there life. If the parents are not mindful about this fact, then the children may become violent in there day to day behavior and it may have a serious impact on there minds in the long run.
What really bothers me is whenever people say that playing games makes people violent. In my opinion playing games really helps reduce bad emotions since it is a good way to release stress and tension whenever we feel tired and exhausted. I know there are a lot of violent incident that are being linked with playing these types of games.

There a lot of studies out there supporting both sides but if you just think about it and you know other people to play video games out there is that we're generally a peaceful folk yes we might commit murders in Grand Theft Auto slaughter callous aliens but at the end of the day I know a lot of video gamers are afraid of real blood. I would have to say that what you do magnifies who you are. Gaming may be an influence for violence or a reliever, it just depends on how we master emotions which will be the ultimate game for me. ?
I personally don't think that gaming can make us better or worse, to be honest. I see gaming simply as a recreational activity and just because you make certain decisions in a game doesn't mean you would make them in real life too. However, I do know that there are many studies in the matter. I guess it depends on how young or impressionable the person is.
I feel it depends of how impressionable, and how mentally healthy the person is. I've heard, for example, that mass shooters/school shooters have the tendency to prefer violent games that include guns and dungeons. I don't really think that they end up killing people because of the games, but I think they choose to play them/like them due to their violent nature. Games are just games, being violent is a choice. Unless you're a kid. Kids don't know what is good or bad yet, they need to be educated, that's why games have age restrictions.
I think if you are playing games within a certain limit, for instance, one or two hours a day, games help you in analytic thinking. Since most of the games need strategic thinking, games help us to plan everything in advance. However, if you are playing too much your mind can be really dull as you are too much occupied with a game (that's because you are tiring your mind).
No, but bad parenting combined with violent video games - or other stuff - might. Anyway, in the US and other places, many kids don't have two parents or have weak parents. It's sad and I don't really know what to do about it.
I think no because just like me I'm playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) and it is a shooting game. After playing 2-3 competitive games no matter I lost or win all games I feel happy by means of I did my best all throughout the game, I helped my team, and it relieves my stress. In terms of behavior, it doesn't make me violent it just makes me build good decision making as well as build a positive attitude towards other people.
There are other games that at first glance it seems to be a normal battle but if you are playing already, it's a violent environment on the on the screen. For example this carmageddon game, if you are a child and you do not see in your life car crash with human, then this game wi give you a visual example of how violent it is. That is for me, it's my opinion.
It depends, I think. If gaming made you think good and apply your skills on everyday life, then its a good result of gaming. But if gaming made you brag, lazy, and not socially inclined to other people, your not being receptive, your focus is just the game, then it's a bad result of gaming.
Well... To be very honest, I think in general, video games don't make us better (or worse) people.

However, looking into another way, we can use video game as a tool to help other people (but this is totally inherent in the essence of each player... because helping others also doesn't make you a good person in the sense of the word).
I think you become who you allow yourself to become. If you play violent games but realize that such actions are confined to the game world and should never be done in real life, then you won't become a bad person. If you play games that focus on having a main character as a hero and emulate their good characteristics but make sure that you do so based on realistic situations, then you can possibly become a better person.

However, I think most of us don't really become better or worse people by playing video games. This is because people mostly use games to relieve stress and relax and not as sources of life lessons.

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