News Interview with Ian Cofino one of the developers of Dreamscaper.


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Jul 2, 2020
What is Dreamscaper you ask?

Well, it's a game coming out sometime next month in early access. It is rougelite where you play as Cassidy, a small town girl that has recently moved to the big city, trying to out run her demons that haunt her dreams.

The game has two main components. There is the dream, that's basically the core of the game. This is where you will play an ARPG roguelite with absolutely beautiful visuals and some fantastic, surprisingly relaxing music. And the real world where you will take Cassidy to key locations to build up her relationships with some of the folks she's met in her new home.

The two parts feed into each other like this. In the dream world you will pick up crafting materials that you use in the real world to make gifts to help Cassidy in building her relationships with the people she spends time with. And, by building up your relationship in the real world, you unlock weapons, and abilities that can be found while in the dream to be discovered and used.

The game has a prologue, but be warned, the prologue has an insane difficulty spike (according to some folks anyway) that the developers say will not be present in the EA release of the game. That's part of what they are polishing up, tweaking the balance and the challenge curve. Also if you do get the prologue, none or your progress will carry over to the EA release. Partly because of those balance tweaks they are working on. Partly because the developer is adding content to the game they want people to experience from the start. And finally, the prologue does have a $5 dlc pack you can pick up if you so choose. When asked about this, the developers said they chose to charge for the dlc pack for two reasons:

1. To allow people that missed the crowdfunding a chance to support them
2. The extra content in the dlc pack was just too much of their work to give away for free (it does essentially double the content of the prologue)

Personally, at this point with the game coming out next month, I'd probably skip the dlc unless you are just so impressed you feel the need to throw money at the developers (that's how I felt about it in back in May when I found it) . I normally do not participate in early access, but I spent nearly 20 hours with the prologue and never did see all of the content. So, I'm not going into this ea blindly. As well as the interview, I'll leave links to the steam pages for both the prologue and the game itself.

Don't forget to come back and let me know what you think if you check any of this out!

Sweet dreams...
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