‘Indian Air Force: A Cut Above’ Game will be Launched on July 31


Jul 29, 2019
The Indian Air Force has released a teaser and announced that they are coming out with a new game on iOS and Android with a patriotic agenda. The Indian Air Force game will be launched later this month on July 31. Gamers can easily download this latest android games from 31 July.

Initially, the game would start as a single-player version. It would allow users to play as an airforce pilot and gain virtual airborne combat experience. The country’s air force shared the game’s teaser through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, informing them about the upcoming release. It also said that there would quickly be a multiplayer version.

The official logo published by the IAF at the end of the teaser displays an emblem with a small plane symbol. The name of the game is Indian Air Force: A Cut above.

Heres is The Official News:
“Launch of #IAF #MobileGame : Android / iOS version of IAF developed Mobile Game (Single Player) will be launched on 31 Jul 19. Download on your Android / iOS mobile phone & cherish the thrilling flying experience. The multiplayer version will soon follow. The Teaser of the game…

Details you want to Know about android games?

The teaser provides a glimpse of some gameplay components and displays a lot of Indian Air Force planes. The game will originally be available as a single variant of the player, but there is also a multiplayer option in the pipeline. The game will enable its players to become an air force pilot and experience in a nearly immersive manner some of their airborne fighter jets.

Gaming was once seen in the nation as a costly hobby. But this paradigm has altered with inexpensive smartphones, cheaper information access, and free Android mobile games. IAF

wants to tap into these every user, who might express loyalty and at the same time appreciate its creators.

Missions will include the possibility of flying a combat vehicle or helicopter and destroying the land of the enemy. It will also include tasks like the destruction of the enemy’s base camp, aircraft, and anti-aircraft defense system.

Key Highlights

  • The teaser even demonstrates an Abhinandan-like personality, who was kept captive in Pakistan for 60 hours.
  • The game’s original success would rely on nostalgia and gamers ‘ capacity to relate.
  • With Multiplayer variant, AF may succeed in persuading mobile players to ditch the PUBG game for homegrown games.
All in all, this is a good move from the Indian Air Force, as games like PUBG will not only entertain players but also spread knowledge among young people. Subsequently, it may even motivate players in the future to become part of the Armed Forces.

Final Thought

Hopefully, consumers will love the game, particularly the youth, because it could offer a real-time warlike experience and motivate them to join the defense sector in the future. The Indian Air Force has left no stone unturned in keeping the excitement of the game, and it will definitely become top free smartphone games in the near future.
Looks like a good concept. Something like that if turned into VR that would be even more fun to play as well.
The USAF has a game...I can't remember the name but Google it it'll pop up

EDIT--Airman Challenge is the name

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