I got this Nintendo device at a yard sale - Any clue what it's for?


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Nov 16, 2019
I got this at a yard sale. I put it into a gba and a ds and it dose nothing. Dose anyone know what it is

I got this at a yard sale. I put it into a gba and a ds and it does nothing. Does anyone know what it is

It could be a cartridge for a bigger game console? I'm just spitballing here, but I'm offering my best guess. I don't know what it is either.

xenonVirus. I'm not old enough to remember the days of the Gameboy Advance. Barely old enough to remember the DS days. Those were good times.
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I am guessing the damaged cartridge. You may have to find out which device has it. If there no information available I guess you wasted money.
some kind of cheat assist device? You could email Nintendo and see if they know.
I know many people who buy those CDs and DVDs without even testing it. I guess some just want to buy it for the sake of buying. Kind of like those shopping mall days where this happens the most.
i found this sega mega drive 2 recently,i want to know if whether it is a fake ?
in the back side it says model no MK 1631 16
and serial number QE 0045103

in the front above the cartridge input it says high grade multi purpose use


one more thing at the back it says patents and the it lists numbers for U.S ,europe,canada,hong kong,singapore
and for japan (pending)

someone please reply.

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