How much did your device cost?


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Jan 10, 2019
Talking about your most recent electronic purchase, how much did it cost you? From what retailer did you buy the product? What are the specs? When my Acer Gaming Laptop was on offer, it was lessened by £200.00 in price which lead to an updated price of 649.99 which was a good grab looking back.
I have same specs on the Laptop in terms of RAM and the CPU. I may have to up my graphics card on the desktop side though. I have around 12 GB RAM for desktop. But I don't have the RAM enough for the laptop as of now but then again I don't do much of the graphics intensive gaming there.
I buy my laptop around 500 euros and my Desktop around 700$ but it was 2 years ago i think it ill be more cheaper and you can get more decent builds.
Let's talk about gaming on the mobile. Smartphone prices are astronomical nowadays, so what are you willing to invest? Some handsets can be as much as £1,000 which in itself is ridiculous as your paying for the trademark instead of the device specifications.

How long ago did you purchase your phone amd how much for?
If I was into getting a new smartphone (which I plan to do at Christmas this year) I would probably spend no more than $200 - $250 USD. Probably less as there will be a lot of sales at Christmas but you get my idea. There is no need for me to spend a lot on a mobile, there are a lot of good devices from brands like Xiaomi. Amazing value as they aren't expensive.
I think depending on the RAM and the mobile camera, the price usually increases and decreases. I personally think that modern mobiles are going to be expensive regardless of brands.
if you want if you're looking ongoing low ... you should try these newbie brands they are cheap and the functions similar to these big brands like Google, Samsung, and apple.
I'm paying around £29 for my Galaxy S8 and 4GB of data and unlimited texts and calls. There's no way I'm paying £1000 for a phone especially one that will be outdated/not as good within a few years. That's just crazy.
I don't think any mobile is worth paying over 500$ or more. The reason being laptops and tablets can do more with that cost. And phone should be under the pricing of 400$ at the most. So we have to learn from those things from what I have seen so far.

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