How do you pick a game? Through trailers, costs, ratings or?


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Jan 10, 2019
Everyone chooses and picks a different game. I see the cost of the game and then read the ratings to see if the value is worth it. Before I buy it, I'll always see what other shoppers have to say about the game.
My game choosing process is essentially the same as yours. I'll gauge whether I want to buy it at that price or wait for it to drop a little, watch loads of YouTube videos on gameplay so I can see if it is something I would be interested in and then go for it if the price is right. I don't care much for reviews or ratings as it's all about what I know I'll enjoy as opposed to some person writing a blog.
I usually look for some new story and the challenges. For me it works out in terms of the hours being spent on the stories etc. It can be fun if you ask me in this context. I have played most of the games in this way and found some good and bad games.
I usually watch YouTube videos and famous channels reviews on the game to see if it was a good game. Then I will find the one I want out of those reviews and then go buy it. I usually buy my games digital. Once in a while I'll pick up a physical copy though
I have pretty much reduced the purchases on the physical boxes. I want to stick to the digital ones as much as possible. That way I can save money and also not clutter the house with the physical boxes.
The cost doesn't really bother me. If I like a game, I will get it. It usually has to be something that I enjoy (mostly open world games) and if the gameplay looks good and the reviews are decent, I'll go ahead and get it
Gamers review is something that I take very serious when picking a game. Actually, I always ask friends that have played the game in the past how they felt about it and when they give a positive review about it, then I can get the game and try it out on my own.

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