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News Hideo Kojima's plans for the DLC of Metal Gear Solid 5, PT, and the anger of Konami



I found this article on Gameblog.fr where they spoke to various sources about Kojima and Konami during MGSV's development. It touches on some things like how the concept of Survive originated in the development of MGSV as a zombie mode DLC (internally referred to as MGSV.5) and how Chapter 3 wouldn't have added anything meaningful to the story we ended up getting.

  • P.T was developed in secret by a small team and a very limited number of people knew it was going to be released
  • Important people at Konami who needed to know it existed did not know and first found out when it was announced at Gamescom 2014 alongside the public. This is apparantly the straw that broke the camel's back when it came to Kojima's relationship with Konami
  • Kojima (who was Vice President of Konami at the time) worked with Sony to create a shell company in order to publish P.T on PSN while most employees at Konami knew nothing about this
  • As a result, Konami PR found themselves having to answer questions from eager customers about a Silent Hills once the news came out that P.T was a playable teaser for a new SH game
  • One of the main reasons Kojima was fired from Konami was because he used part of MGSV's budget to develop P.T
  • Kojima didn't really have to report to people and his freedom within Konami at the time was a point of major tension between the two
  • The heat between Kojima and Konami is gone now and communication between them has resumed, an avenue of collaboration between KojiPro and Konami is possible

Sounds like Konami should have kept in better graces with Kojima, while at the same time Kojima should have been more sharing with the company.


I guess Kojima needs to get his own stories and the brand patented and move away from the typical developer studios. I mean he has too many clashes going on lately. I think hopefully they can find some solutions and move on.
Either a remake of Metar Gear & Metal Gear 2, or Metal Gear Solid please. I would love to have Kojima as an outside consultant on the process. I doubt Kojima wants to direct Metal Gear series and a remake without him would be a nightmare for the fanatics. It would be the best case likely scenario.

This would allow Kojima to try new IP or possibly get his Silent Hills with Del Toro. Konami would make some money on this, I doubt they could sell Metal Gear successfully without Kojima's approval.

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