Microsoft to buy Silent Hill, Metal Gear and More From Konami, new rumour suggest


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Dec 11, 2018
Several rumors surrounding the future of Konami's Silent Hill have been circulating. While previous speculation stated that developers like Sony would scoop up the series to develop new games for the PlayStation 5, a recent report from TechPlusGame claims that Microsoft was in the process of purchasing both Silent Hill and other valuable Konami properties.

Previously, rumors told of a bidding war for the rights to Konami's classic horror franchise. While most speculation agreed that Sony won this battle, multiple reports also named ex-Silent Hills developer Kojima Productions as a potential contender to develop the series' next game. Some even speculated that Konami had its own plans for the franchise, but that these plans would be overseen by outside studios.

According to, however, a leaker on Pastebin stated that Microsoft had already finalized a sale of not only Silent Hill, but also all of Konami's franchises, including Metal Gear and Castlevania. The Pastebin document also laid out other alleged terms, like Microsoft's obligation to pay royalties on any remasters and Konami's right to build new gambling machines based on its properties. Microsoft will, however, be allowed to keep all profits from any new and original games, and select potentially laid-off employees in the event of a sale to form a new Japanese based studio. In the first 12-18 months of this deal, Konami has apparently allowed Xbox Games Studio Tokyo to act as a "satellite office."

Although Konami previously commented that it currently has no plans for Silent Hill when the Sony rumors were circulating, others have cited comments from Xbox leader Phil Spencer about Japan's importance to the company's game and console sales as a potential sign that Microsoft will be expanding with Konami's help. This Pastebin leak is also listed as a "E3 spoiler," and more news surrounding this deal has not surfaced since the convention's cancellation. Until the rumors are confirmed, it would be best to not assume that they are true.

While the lack of corroboration on this rumor might dishearten some fans, they shouldn't lose hope. In its last statement regarding rumors, Konami did promise that it was open to the opportunity for more Silent Hill games.

I think unless we see the franchise purchased, and notifies us in the twitter. It is harder to say how this may work out. I think this is a rumour. I think microsoft in last 3 years acquired a lot of companies and possible that they may purchase few in the gaming side as well.

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