Have you had any bad experiences lending your video games out to friends?


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May 2, 2019
There is always that friend out there that we can't really stay without thinking of helping. Such persons can also like gaming like we do, but might not have a video game. While I have not had any bad experience since I don't lend out my video, I know it may not be same for other. So, share your ugly experience or you've had none?
I'm sure at one point or another we've all borrowed or have lent something game related from our friends/family. Has anyone here ever had any bad experiences lending something to somebody though? What was your bad experience?

For me, it was always lending games to my friend (I've no idea why I continued to do so) and either getting the games returned in damaged boxes (???) or simply not getting the game back at all. I'm just in awe at how you can be so careless with someone else’s stuff lol.
Yeah I have a couple of bad experiences. The first time was when I was about 11 or 12, my friend up the street said one of his cousins could help me get the last 4 Pokemon I needed in Blue version, so I let him borrow the game. I got it back the next day, and that kid deleted my save! Another worse experience I had was in high school, I let a "friend" borrow Leaf Green, Teen titans on the GBA, and Digimon World 3. He never gave me back any of the games! I never let people borrow my stuff anymore. I can't trust them anymore... :\
Gave my brothers my N64, kind of a long term loan and hoped to get it back one day. SAdly, I never did. Press F for my beloved N64.....
I have noticed that most of the time people just don't pay and that kind of makes things pretty bad in between relatives or even among friends. So I guess we have to draw the line when letting people borrow.
I would never lend any games and that is mainly because of the potential bad experiences that I may have. It would just ruin relationships so it's better to never take the chance.
Yeah, when I was younger and had friends that lived closer to me, lending games out wasn't too big of a deal, nowadays, I don't bother to do it. I had one or two bad expeirences with lending games to friends for awhile, I'd get them back all scratched up.
Well, my situation is sort of related to the topic. Basically, I trusted two kids with some games - and the younger one scratched one!

O.K., I should have expected this - but perhaps I thought there wasn't enough time for them to trash my stash. Anyway, the game damaged was a Mario one that I really liked, Super Mario Wii - so I was surely sadden.
In general people are slow to respond when we give something to them. And it can be pretty interesting to see how the experience may turn out to be different for each one of us in such context. I have noticed that giving people anything be it game or money never turns out to be good for me.

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