Have you ever had a gaming retail store go an extra mile for you?


Has anyone in the retail gaming industry gone that extra mile to help you? Explain to us the story and what it was that game store. So sometimes, for good work, it's nice to be recognized.


Well one time recently gamestops sale on the nintendo switch had ended just that same day but I had called up there that morning and they said it was still active so after telling them that they still applied the discount to the switch so I was very happy. Not all people in retail are actually bad people. In fact most of them are really good people. It's mainly the CEO corporate individuals that can stick it to themselves. Most people who work for retail companies try their best to make you happy, not all but most.


I remember being in one store where the electronics seller guy explained how to make some fixes to the handheld. And how it can be run for longer. So it can be fun play around with in such case. I guess some of such helpful people would be harder to find in retail considering the retail shops going down these days.
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