News Epic Games Store to introduce Discord-like social party system


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Dec 24, 2020

It’s been more than two years since the launch of the Epic Games Store, and while it’s certainly been a terrific place to pick up weekly free PC games and has secured an impressive slate of timed exclusives, the social side of the store has remained fairly bare-bones. That’s set to change with a planned social overhaul that Epic is calling the ‘Party System’.

With an eye toward making the Epic Games Store into “a place where you can connect with your friends across platforms,” Epic says the party system will allow players to form parties for voice chat or text, keeping the group together in and out of the games they decide to play. You’ll be able to jump into a party with some friends, make plans together, and then load a game and remain in a group – effectively, it’s planning on adding some of the features that have made Discord a popular choice with gamers. The promise of video also means Epic is going a bit beyond what’s currently available in Steam’s friends list.

This could be huge if implemented right. I am primarily on Steam, but always appreciate competition.

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