"Dominion of Darkness" - RPG/strategy simulator of evil overlord


Jul 11, 2023
"Dominion of Darkness” is a strategy/RPG text game in which the player takes on the role of a Sauron-style Lord of Darkness with the goal of conquering the world. He will carry out his plans by making various decisions. He will build his army and send it into battles, weave intrigues and deceptions, create secret spy networks and sectarian cults, recruit agents and commanders, corrupt representatives of Free Peoples and sow discord among them, collect magical artifacts and perform sinister plots.
Note – one game takes about 1 hour, but the premise is that the game can be approached several times, each time making different decisions, getting different results and discovering something new. Feedback is very much welcome. Very, very much. Altough game is playable and winnable now, I am still working on improving it, so all suggestions are appreciated.

Here is the game: "Dominion of Darkness" - interactive fiction, story of the Dark Lord by Adeptus7
And here are reviews:
- Indie Sampler (video):
- Dad's Game Review (podcast): Latest Episodes - Dads Game Review
- [BOKC] BlancoKix (video):

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