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News Discord is rebranding to move away from gaming


It doesn't have a new name, but Discord is effectively rebranding away from being an app dedicated to helping gamers communicate with one another during a tense online match. In a blog post published on Tuesday, the company announced it's changing its focus to make its software into a place where anyone can find a community, create their own chat sever and talk to their friends, whether they're into gaming or not.
Practically speaking, what the rebranding means for current and, more specifically, new Discord users is a "streamlined" onboarding experience and updated templates that make it easier to set up a server. Moving forward, they'll also be fewer jokes within the app referencing games "to make sure everyone can take part in the fun."
Discord claims user safety will be a major focus. "We will continue to take decisive action against white supremacists, racists and others who seek to use Discord for evil,” the company said. Discord says it has also fixed "hundreds" of bugs, as well as increased voice and video capacity by 200 percent.

I mostly use Discord for gaming and I'm sure majority still use it for that too, so why the rebranding? Is it really necessary?


Most of the Discord servers I use are not gaming related already. There are a few local skeptic groups, a few cooking-related servers, one for literature, another for writers, etc. Looking at my list, I see I actually only belong to two game related servers: Pixel Count Studios and Chucklefish (I love their games).

However, it is still the de facto choice for on-the-fly chat for games on PC. It only takes a moment to send several people a link on Steam, for example. I don't think that will ever change unless a serious competitor comes along.


It has outgrown being just for gaming, but it will for awhile still be dominated by gaming channels. Not talking solely video games here, as there's also tons of online TTRPG groups that use Discord primarily, on top of other game types like werewolf/mafia party game that use Discord for those with out of game communication and for dead chat.


When they first released DIscord it was aiming for gaming and it was built around for gamers. Even still now most Discord partners are gamers. On twitch, you see Discord in panels and on websites.

It's still always going to be used for gamers for people to talk and do things, Can even stream on discord wand show off your gaming. As time goes on We do see it's turning to other things, people start using it for other days to day things as we mention. I think they are working to make it bigger and better than before, aiming at other traffic that isn't based on gaming.



I'd hadn't even heard of Discord until a week ago. Now it seems to be all the rage. But it's just like a group MSN isn't it?


Considering world is spending it's time on the work from home. They want to compete with the slack. And they want to make use of the discord brand for something better to make money. I guess that could be one reason. I am sure they may even include other companies and get the most out of it.


Makes sense, to be honest. I don't use it for gaming at all and only use it to communicate with some people that I meet on the internet. As long as they don't try and go away from the gaming side it should be fine


No, I hadn’t heard of it. I’ve been in my little bubble of real life for the last five years and only just getting back to community gaming.
It's an instant messaging app that you can get on your mobile, tablet and PC. It's definitely expanded over the years to cater for more than just gaming, hence why now they want to rebrand to open a lot more opportunities, I'd presume.

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