Cross-Platform Gambling: Casino Games Connecting Players Across Consoles


The gaming industry seems to have reached its peak, at least when graphics are concerned. If you pay close attention we didn’t get a brand new genre in ages, and a lot of monetization tactics seem to revolve around cosmetics. Still, developers are doing their best to innovate within the existing engines and create satisfying experiences. Moreover, new releases tend to have more comprehensive itemizations, rewards schemes, and better tutorials for new players.

We are also seeing innovation when it comes to accessibility. Many of the AAA titles have been adjusted and moded to run on smartphones. This is great for casual gamers who want to have more content options. That being said, creating a big player base that continues to engage in online multiplayer games is more difficult. With so many options out there, players are encouraged to explore and give multiple titles a shot. One way to bridge this gap is through cross-platform gaming, and we will focus on online gambling to exemplify why this works.

Gambling Sites and Apps Are Incredibly Accessible​

One of the reasons the iGaming companies are doing well is thanks to accessibility. The content is entirely browser-based, so any device that can access the browser can run those games. Not only that but deposits and withdrawals have been streamlined as well, thanks to development in digital banking.

Finally, it’s easy to find casino operators you can trust that have specific features or that are compatible with payment solutions like Trustly. You can pick any one site from Trustly casinos recommended by and you will have a satisfying user experience. Pair this with bonuses that require a low deposit, and you have an environment where players are more open to giving a brand-new operator a shot.

So long as there is a big number of players that are active at the same time online casinos can provide a great social experience as well. This is done through live dealer games and shows, but it wouldn’t be possible without high accessibility, and cross-platform compatibility.

How Cross-Platform Gaming Works​

The idea with cross-platform gaming is to allow players who use different consoles, or gaming devices, to play together. The problem is that different devices use different controls. So if you were to play first-person shooter games on a console against someone who uses a keyboard and mouse, you would be at a disadvantage. Luckily, the problem was somewhat addressed as new-gen consoles are compatible with keyboard and mouse and you can use them to play certain games.

All of the casino games are in essence turn-based. As a result, the controls you are using won’t put you at a disadvantage. In Hearthstone for example we have players who play on touch screen against those who play on PC. But in order for this to be possible all players need to be on the same server.

Casino Games and Cross-Platform Play​

A casino site that is available in a specific region or state, uses a single server. This is why they ask players to fill out the information and select their region. Your server placement is determined during account creation. Many video games do use separate servers for console release and for PC release, and this is not the case with online casinos.

If all users in the same region aren’t on the same server, the player base is needlessly fragmented. This easily leads to a worse player experience in competitive play. They have to wait longer for online matches to start, which can be frustrating if you only have 20 to 30 minutes of game time. Devs sometimes add bots to fill the gaps, which does reduce the queue time, but again leads to an unsatisfactory player experience.

There are multiple casino games on the console that simply died out as the player count went below a certain point.
  • Prominence Poker
  • Pure Hold’em
  • Four Kings Casino and Slots

People still play these games, but the player count is nowhere near the number it was at the release. Players hated waiting for extended periods of time and they didn’t want to play against bots. If all of these games were cross-platform they could have extended their relevancy, as there would be more active players on the server.

This isn’t really the problem with online casino sites. Whether you play on PC, mobile or console you are always using a browser and the same server. Additionally, a lot of operators have sister sites, so they can pool their player base together. The operators earn money through hosting the content so there is no pressure to create a new release that they need to sell. This approach makes big online casino brands timeless.
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