Are you a professional gamer?


Feb 1, 2019
Yes, it is possible. You can earn real money by playing. It is possible if you are into the competitive scene. To achieve that, you must play skillfully and give your whole heart into the game. Practice, work hard for it, and then compete. There are companies willing to sponsor teams, and if you think you have the skills, and then you can try to approach them for a sponsorship. At first, it’s going to be hard, but it’s all worth it in the end.
It's true, but it's takes a lot of practice. Also it's important to play a mainstream game to earn that cash. Via twitch and contests.
I'm no professional gamer but its an income earner if your good at it. A lot of games nowadays like Mobile Legend held competition which allow player to earn money. To be able to step up on that ladder means to invest time,effort and practice continuously and intensively.
I am not a professional gamer. I don't even think that I'm close to it. But, I really find it awesome when I see some players earn a decent amount of money through gaming.
Today , t's possible to actually make good money just by playing video games. The platforms are profitable, but for this, you need to be smart, creative and you already need to have a popularity that satisfies your need for hits... Without it, the money will definitely not come.
I have no plans to become professional gamer. Most of the my time goes with the gaming and reviewing the stuff. I have no power or will to waste time trying to be professional gaming and tournament player. That is not going to be productive use of my time. It seems like going to be waste for me if I even attempt that.
As a professional CSGO player, I have invested my 10 years to this game and I'm still trying to be on top but its not that easy
It's definitely a possible venture to be a professional gamer and play across the world in form of a tour. I have seen some videos on professional gamers who compete worldwide and it's such an exciting experience.
I won't call myself professional because I have not been paid for this. And in fact it can get pretty difficult for me to earn from the gaming. I cant even upload the games these days. It's a bit difficult on that note. I may some day approach this professionally.

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