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Apex Legends comes to Steam in November, Switch delayed to 2021


Apex Legends is coming to Windows PC via Steam in November, though the Switch version has been pushed back to 2021.

Steam users can expect the popular battle royale title from 4 November, the same day as Apex Legends Season 7 begins. Those already playing on Origin will be able to play using either version, as “all your account progression and unlocks will carry over between the two platforms,” said Game Director, Chad Grenier.

Sadly, Switch users have to wait another year before taking part in the action.

Grenier added:
We’re still hard at work on the port, but in order to do justice to the game and make it into the great experience Switch players deserve, our team needs more time. This year has brought on unexpected new challenges, to put it mildly, and we don’t want to rush anything out.

Although a release date for Switch is not yet known, the title will support content parity and cross-play when ready.

Apex Legends is available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.


Jun 2, 2020
About time, take time to get it approved and to be on steam. Too late isn't it now since most already been playing it.

Who plays Apex anyway?