Anyone getting Sunless Skies on PC?


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Feb 1, 2019
Sunless Skies is something of a follow-up to Sunless Seas, which was based on the Fallen London universe that was established in a web-browser game of the same name. I'm fond of the gothic steampunk setting, and I've been hearing mostly positive reviews from people who have started playing it.

Has anyone else heard of this game, and are you thinking of buying it?
I've been avoiding playing till release but I have a burning question for those who have some early access experience: can you read the log while travelling?
I might check it out. Sounds quite like a fun experience. Overall I'd like to see something new to play.
Anyone on here like sunless sky and the earlier one sunless sea, well if you like them and haven't checked out sunless sky recently its gone through some real improvements with the UI and gfx getting some real touch up and the stories are now much more integrated and it seems like a much more solid game now that it ever used to.

It even now has a "main" story that it starts you on with you inheriting the starting sky locomotive (if you have not heard of this game that should tell you all you need to know :P ) after the captain you served under gets burned up by runes of living fire.

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