News Another Metroid 2 Remake source code now available to the public


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Dec 4, 2020
Hello and merry Christmas everybody! We're releasing the (work-in-progress) 1.5.3 source, and here's a quick rundown of why:

We are not abandoning development.

However, the vast majority of our development focus has shifted to AM2R 2.0. This has left us with little direct attention to the now separate 1.5.x branch of the source. We decided to open-source it for many reasons, but primarily so that interested individuals might be able to easily contribute bugfixes and the like. Essentially, we can't focus all of our small team's time at bugfixes for 1.5.3+ while we're working on 2.0 - so we're giving the source back to the community for help improving the game under our guidelines.

We also desire to see the project able to be preserved long-term by other individuals should we ever be prevented from continuing to work on it. This ensures that the source code will remain available for others.

Additionally, bug reports/enhancements/feature requests should now be opened as issues in the repository. This makes it way easier for us to track issues and provide transparent discussion.

The source code for the AM2R Community Updates 1.5.x branch, free of copyrighted assets and trademarks. If you have not played the AM2R Community Updates before, this will be of no use to you!

This source code is based on AM2Rrc by YellowAfterlife. It could be considered a fork.

If you are looking for a playable build of the game, please download the AM2RLauncher to install the latest update.


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