Animal Crossing: New Horizons summer update to add swimming, diving, more


Animal Crossing: New Horizons summer update is only round the corner as Nintendo will be introducing some cool features to get you through the hot days.

The summer updates will start from July 3 and we've got the full rundown below:

  • Swimming and Diving – Grab a wet suit and get aquatically acquainted with your island marine life when swimming and diving arrive to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Swim in the inviting waters off the coast of your island and dive to discover and scoop up sea creatures that inhabit your island’s ecosystem. Keep your eyes peeled for any prospective additions to the museum, and make sure to listen for fun facts from Blathers when you donate your new discoveries.
  • Pascal Brings Rewarding Recipes – While swimming, you might meet someone new! The friendly visitor Pascal seems to love scallops, and if you discover one while diving, he may ask you if he can have it. As a thank you, he’ll share some of his mermaid-themed DIY recipes.
  • Gulliver? – After downloading the free update, a familiar face will occasionally wash up on shore, but sporting slightly different, pirate-like clothing. Offer him a helping hand and he’ll send a special reward to show his gratitude.

And that's not all! Nintendo has confirmed we'll be getting another update in early August. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

Are you excited to get your trunks on? Let us know in the comments below.
I'm super excited about the new update that's coming! I've been waiting to go swimming and diving since it came out. I should have known they would wait until the summer, which makes sense. Gives me more motivation to make time to play it again since I've been slacking lately.
Really excited for this! Probably my favorite update so far.
I know that some people weren't too happy with the "lack of content" in the game so this should make them happy. Swimming in the game sounds like a great addition as well
I think new update is definitely refreshing and considering the way they are adding the seasonal DLC. I am sure this is going way much better than modern minecraft label that they recently got. I think they are doing far better on Swich lite than most of the games at this moment.

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