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Sep 11, 2023
So, Anima Studios is launching their third videogame, Song of the Abyss, on Kickstarter, several video game consoles, and Steam.

I participated in the Kickstarter for their previous one, Gate of Memories, and they seem to have improved the hack and slash + rpg style a lot since then. It has anime aesthetics and if someone is curious, in their kickstarter they also have social media goals and a fan art contest for more rewards.

I got myself the Deluxe edition.
If you are curious, you can look for "Song of the Abyss" in kickstarter, and also for the Anima Project twitter page for the social media goals and the fan art contest.
I'm little confused that you just join the forum and before even introducing yourself you talk up an obscure action RPG, but I digress.

Whilst I'm aware GOM was made just by a handful of people, doesn't change the fact it was pretty medicore. It's was a poor man's NieR. I liked the annimations in combat and the story was interesting. However, I hated the camera, it was so floaty and slow to respond and I found myself constantly overcorrecting it. The controls were janky and you locked into annimations, especially while using magic, making it hard to avoid incoming attacks.

I checked out the Kickstarter, and I'm sorry but 25€ (Around £21.50, $27 US) for the bog standard digital version and 80€ (Around £69, $85 US) for a physical copy is asking a lot. I also have to assume that non-backers will pay more than that when the game comes out, so this isn't a cheap game. I'm glad the Kickstarter has been sucessfull and I'm sure that this new Anima will be improved, but I'm going to wait and see on this one.
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