News Alibaba's billionaire Jack Ma disappears after criticizing China’s regulators and its state-owned banks


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Dec 24, 2020
Jack Ma – reported to be worth at least $62 billion – has not been seen in public since late October, The Sun reports.
The 56-year-old made his fortune after creating Alibaba, dubbed Asia’s Amazon, and was once a favourite of the communist regimen in China.
However, the former English teacher was suddenly replaced as a judge on the final of Africa’s Business Heroes, a Dragons’ Den-style TV contest for budding entrepreneurs.
His photograph was then removed from the judging panel’s web page and he was later left out of a promotional video.
The father of three had earlier tweeted that he “couldn’t wait” to meet all the contestants.

A spokesman for Alibaba said: “Due to a schedule conflict Mr Ma could no longer be part of the finale judge panel of Africa’s Business Heroes earlier this year.”

The final took place just weeks after Ma made a speech slamming China’s regulators and its state-owned banks.
Last month the authorities suddenly announced an anti-monopoly investigation into his company.

Ma is one of China’s wealthiest men and is also well known for his work with the UN and multiple global charities.

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic he has donated tens of millions of face masks across the world.

Yikes. Shows how easy it is to go from favoured son to persona non-grata in certain governments.

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