News 5 Ways To Help Older Adults Prevent Boredom

Alex Wright

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
May 7, 2021

Even with the increasing facilities of modern life, boredom has become a huge challenge in old age. Studies show that nearly one-third of seniors live by themselves, with isolation being a common part of their lives. Boredom can have dire consequences for seniors, as it usually comes with feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness, dwindling their health. It's important to engage seniors in fun and fulfilling activities that cater to their interests. These tips can help older adults avoid boredom and live more fulfilling lives.

1. Explore new hobby​


Age and declining health sometimes mean you cannot enjoy the activities you once loved, especially the physically demanding ones. But there are several more exciting hobbies out there that are perfect for seniors without taking a toll on their physical health. Writing (a book or poetry), crocheting, painting, fishing, golfing, photography, and gardening are just a few good examples. It wouldn’t hurt to encourage your senior loved one to try a new hobby; they may end up loving it.

2. Encourage socialization​

The last thing seniors need is to stay locked up indoors all day. It helps to get out there into the community and socialize, as doing so offers many rewarding benefits. Socialization prevents loneliness and helps keep depression at bay. Senior-friendly clubs and programs, festivals, and local fairs offer great socialization opportunities. Where these options aren’t available, family and friends can host gatherings like cookouts, BBQs, and movie nights, encouraging their senior loved ones to join.

3. Play more games​

Engaging in games is a great way to steer off depression, whether it’s traditional card games and board games or their digital alternatives. Games like mahjong, solitaire, and even puzzles can help adults while away time without realizing. Even better, these games offer cognitive stimulation while promoting social interaction when played with others.
Family and friends can find creative ways to incorporate games into the routines of their senior loved ones as a proactive strategy against boredom and even depression.

4. Embrace technology​

Smartphones, tablets, and computers should be a regular part of a senior’s life. Understandably, most stay away from modern gadgets because they can’t figure out how to use them. But with teaching from a loving family member, most seniors can get the hang of it pretty quickly.
The digital world holds many options for fighting boredom. Digital games, videos, and social media engagement can all keep seniors engaged and active. They can also make and receive video calls to stay in touch with loved ones or learn something new from any of the educational platforms online. Seniors who live alone can join technology classes designed for their age.

5. Arrange visits from therapy animals​

This option is perfect for seniors living alone. Animal therapy is one of the proven ways to reduce loneliness in seniors, providing a source of comfort and support. You can arrange regular visits with animal-assisted therapy services in your area to pay regular visits to your senior loved one. Alternatively, consider getting them a pet to keep them company. Dogs, in particular, can be great companions for regular walks and exercise.

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