3 McDonald's employees were reportedly shot in Oklahoma City after informing two customers the dining room was closed because of COVID-19, police say


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A woman angry that she could not dine inside an Oklahoma City McDonald's opened fire on employees, shooting three and assaulting another on Wednesday evening, local police told Business Insider.

All four workers were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

"She goes into the restaurant and they advised her that the dining area is closed, the drive-thru is the only thing open. And she didn't leave," Capt. Larry Withrow, of the Oklahoma City Police Department, said in an interview


I never eat there. The stench of grease and dead animals is very unpleasant.
What... What does "dead animals" have to do with it? You realize, ANY time you eat meat, pork, chicken, etc... you're still eating animals. As long as they're clean, satinitized, it's good.

McDonald's is cheap, but doesn't mean it's bad. The grease you're scared of? You're cooking food and you have it.

As for the topic, people need to stop blaming employees for "x" reasons. The employee was really trying to keep people safe. Shooting them for stupid stuff ain't gonna eradicate COVID19.


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Well that's... extremely unfortunate.
It also shows how crazy some people can be these days. Seriously, shooting people because the restaurant was closed? I hope they recover soon.

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