10 Top IO Games in 2023


Searching for free, entertaining browser games? These are the current top io games to play.

Even though their position has been replaced by mobile games that provide more premium, on-the-go experiences, the finest io games still have a place. Nonetheless, despite all this flash, browser-based minigames still provide an incredible multiplayer thrill.

Popularized by Twitch streams and their appearance in an episode of House of Cards, the top .io games continue to be a viral sensation. The ".io" extension refers to the British Indian Ocean Territory, but because Agar.io, one of the first incredibly successful multiplayer .io games, utilised it, it has become a common option and given the genre its name.

The top .io games are playable even with a shaky connection and antiquated technology since these games use minimal visuals, are lightweight and user-friendly, but yet capable of intense and sometimes even brutal action. We've compiled a list of the top .io games that keep us coming back for more, since it may be difficult to determine which ones are worth a go given the huge quantity of available titles.

1. Slither.io​

Slither.io is inspired by the traditional game of snake, with players slithering over the map and devouring food to increase in size and score points. Players are eliminated when their snake's head collides with the body of another snake, resulting in players abruptly shifting course or coiling around to capture and remove the unsuspecting.

2. Agar.io​

The granddaddy of them all, Agar.io is an eat-or-be-eaten game of cellular survival inspired by the behaviour of bacteria on agar-based media in petri dishes, thus the name.

The players begin the game as little creatures that zoom about the area and consume food to grow in size. Ultimately, you get big enough to engulf other player cells, culminating in a lethal game of cat-and-mouse as you attempt to devour other cells while avoiding larger swarms of players that may engulf you. It was featured in an episode of House of Cards because of its simple yet suspenseful gameplay.

3. Gats.io​

Gats.io takes the military shooter top-down, as players pick guns and armour and then meticulously hunt each other down in a tight labyrinth of obstacles and corridors. Each weapon carries its own benefits and weaknesses, and players will have to balance out the mobility and protection tradeoffs of armour or the lack thereof.

Gats.io provides a range of game modes, including free-for-all, team deathmatch, and control point dominance, that are playable quickly and are relatively accessible.

4. Diep.io​

Diep.io is yet another classic game, with players commanding tanks and destroying obstacles and other tanks in order to gain experience and level up their own machines. You may create bullet-hell monstrosities, nimble attackers, or potent snipers with the help of a rather extensive upgrading system that allows you to customise your tank.

Diep.io is a browser game with a decent amount of replay value and complexity, as a result of its several game types, which include free-for-alls, team fights, and others.

5. Gartic.io​

Weary of the intense kill-or-be-killed nature of other .io games? Gartic.io is a lot more laid-back affair, as participants take turns in a charades type game, with one person drawing a specific word and the others trying to guess what that word is.

Gartic manages the score and book keeping, and language-based game rooms enable you to play in the language of your choosing.

6. Brutal.io​

Players in Brutal.io smash each other with enormous, whirling balls of death. Beginning with a little morningstar-like ball tied to your character, you'll dash across the battlefield to obtain food, allowing your deathball to steadily expand in size, which you can then hurl at other players using a mix of spin, strategy, and dumb luck.

Holding down the mouse button calls the deathball back to the player's tail, obliterating everything in its path if the first toss fails.

7. Zombs.io​

Zombs.io adds the inevitable zombie survival twist to the genre, as players methodically develop their strongholds, creating fortifications and walling off choke points, collecting resources during the day and battling off the zombie hordes at night. It is then a struggle of endurance and survival as you strengthen your towers and personal equipment to repel more formidable hordes of the undead.

8. Warbot.io​

Warbot.io is a bit of an anomaly among other best .io games in that it incorporates 3D visuals, offering fantastic eye pleasure, but also slowing down download times, particularly for those without high speed connections.

Warbot is a top-down twin-stick shooter in which you control your aim with the mouse pointer and your movement with the WASD keys. Gamers traverse the battlefield, battling other mechs while evading enemy fire, collecting power-ups, and climbing the scoreboard.

9. Deeeep.io​

You evolve into a variety of fish and animals in Deeep.io as you collect food and explore the depths and shallows of the ocean. Each animal form has its unique skills and is designed for diverse biomes, providing players with a great deal of variation as they slither about, hunt other deep sea animals, and explore the waters.

You may play Deeeep.io aggressively, similar to other PVP-style .io games, or you can avoid combat and just study and test the capabilities of each of the forms, providing you with a substantial amount of playable content.

10. Wings.io​

Wings.io brings multiplayer mayhem to the sky, as players participate in 2D epic melees, their fighter aircraft rocketing everywhere, picking up powerups, weaponry, and fighting in twisting dogfights as you attempt to line up the perfect shot while avoiding other pilots. This is a maelstrom of aircraft engaged in rapid-fire mayhem, so if you're looking for a simulation with a high level of detail, go elsewhere.


Mar 15, 2023
Thanks for sharing this! I didn't know this kind of online game and it's the first time I hear about it.


Mar 17, 2023
I'd be happy to provide some suggestions for the IO game "Gartic.io".

  1. Practice Drawing Skills: Gartic.io is a drawing-based game, so the more you practice your drawing skills, the better you'll become. Take advantage of the game's practice mode to hone your skills and improve your accuracy.
  2. Use the Chat Box: Communication is key in Gartic.io, so make sure to use the chat box to communicate with other players. It can be helpful to discuss what you're drawing with your teammates to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  3. Be Creative: The game allows for a lot of creativity, so don't be afraid to take some risks with your drawings. Use different colors, shapes, and techniques to make your drawings stand out and make it easier for your teammates to guess.

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