Sweet or salted popcorn?

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Dec 25, 2018
I'm pretty basic and stick to salted. What about you? What popcorn do you prefer? Sweet or salted?
I've had my eyes opened to Sweet and salted.. Yum ?

If that's not available, sweet every time.
I love them both. But if I had to, I would probably go with sweet popcorn. Honestly, they actually don't put enough sweetness onto the popcorn.
Mixed, what annoys me though is every time I go to the cinema and get it, it's always cold :(

On the very rare occasion, when the galaxies align and god is smiling down on me, I'll get it warm/hot.

Nothing else on this Earth can beat nicehot popcorn, pour some of your chocolate buttons or sweet on top and they go all soft when you eat them.

Ok, I'm officially hungry....
I also enjoy my popcorn basic, butter and salt, more butter than salt of course :P
Oooh I love popcorn!! There is a store a few towns away that has a wide variety of different types of flavored popcorn and in many sizes available too. They have samples so you can taste every single one that they have so my daughter and I go there even though we've tasted them all just to re-taste them when we buy something.

The cheesecake flavored popcorn is really good and I am in love with the loaded baked potato. I would stay away from the habanero pepper one!
Salted is the one for me. Yesterday i attend a Marriage and there they provided free Popcorn. I got one for myself and my dad :) It was nice and salty
I will go with sweet popcorn as that's the ones that you can see in most shops in my community. This doesn't mean that the salted ain't that great as well, but the available one becomes my choice at the end.
When it comes to either sweet or salted popcorn it really depends on what kind of mood I am in when I go for popcorn. I often go through phases where I will either be in a sweet or savoury mood so depending on what mood I am in will depend on whether I go for sweet or salty. Places where I live now do both sweet and salted in the same pack which is always great to have if you just can't decide whether you are in either a sweet or savoury mood. Toffee popcorn is also awesome when I am in a sweet mood!

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