Is Apex Legends dying off slightly?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
Since it first hit the ground running (an understatement) and amassed a massive playing audience, I haven't actually heard much about APEX Legends lately, seems like it's slid down on Twitch and from speaking to friends who are playing it, it just seems a bit quiet on the scene. Seems like not enough content is coming out versus what you see from the likes of Fortnite to keep their gamers on-side. To me anyway, it just feels like the games success kind of hit the company in the face and they have had a little panic trying to get on top of it all. This article here notes that the games revenue is down 74% to a (paltry) $24 million in April. That's a massive hit really.

What do you think anyway? Has APEX had it's day or will it stage a comeback?
I don't think APEX is dying. Most of the people are being overly critical of the game. And it can be pretty good to say that the graphics and the overall gameplay may change in near future in that context.
People aren't exactly happy with how they are doing in-game content that can be bought either. It has definitely died down a bit.

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