Do you like Tower Defense Games?


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Feb 7, 2019
Last year I started playing the tower defense game named Realm Defense and it was fun playing the same. I know that there are some really good tower defense games out there that are worth playing. After playing RD for some time. I have realized that for those who are into TD, it's short and more effective gaming. And it does not take much time either. Apart from TD, I have played mostly TD on PC or consoles. So that's some experience I have. What about you? What type of Tower defense games you have played?
Yes i love playing TD games.. the that i play was Bloon TD it is more exciting and fun.
I mostly play the realm defense hero legends tower defense game. I have had fun playing the TD games which can be pretty good on the strategy and hero point of view.
Not a huge fan of them, but they can be good time killers or something to keep me distracted.
I actually loved them as a kid and I think I still do and might try one soon. Actually, they are pretty funny if you like that genre and you can play them for hours before get bored. Mhm, I have Sanctum 2 and played a little bit of it just to see if I will like it. I might give it a try maybe the next week.
I see that some of you don't like such games. But considering that they can be pretty impressive like say battle royale except it has some MMORPG component in them. So this seems like a good option for the people who like the tower defense games out there. I continue to play those games for years.
My favorite tower defense type game is UO Defender, which can be played on Newgrounds. :3 It's inspired by my favorite game of all time, Ultima Online.
Does this game released an Android version? I mean those who have android phone can then able to download and play it. I think it'd be lot better to have android game though. I can't stand those browser based games.
I am sticking with the Realm defense for this category because of their creative approach for this game. It can be difficult to switch to other games now that I have invested time grinding each one of them.


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