Alan Moore: Argument Can Be Made ‘Birth of a Nation’ is First Superhero Film


Legendary writer Alan Moore said an argument can be made that D.W. Griffith's controversial Birth of a Nation is a superhero film while he was talking about the impact of superheroes on culture.

A 2017 interview with Moore by Brazilian outlet Folha de São Paulo was reprinted by the Alan Moore World blog in English. After explaining why he believes mainstream superheroes and their movies are having a negative impact on society, Moore is reported to have said, "I would also remark that save for a smattering of non-white characters (and non-white creators) these books and these iconic characters are still very much white supremacist dreams of the master race. In fact, I think that a good argument can be made for D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation as the first American superhero movie, and the point of origin for all those capes and masks."