Tell Me Why’s lead character is voiced by a transgender male


Tell Me Why is an upcoming narrative adventure from developer DONTNOD which features a lead transgender male protagonist that’s voiced by a transgender male.

August Black speaks of his role as Tyler Ronan with VG24/7 and we've detailed it for you below.

It’s such an important story. The transgender narrative is not a story a lot of people are exposed to and this game will give a massive platform to it
I’m so excited for people to get to know these characters! Tyler has so much to offer and his experience as a trans man is just a part of it. Tyler is amazing because he is tangible. The writers have created such a beautiful three-dimensional character. Having a video game character that might look like you is great, but more importantly having a character who feels like you do gives young trans kids a connection they might not have anywhere else.
Tyler's battle with acceptance in his personal relationships and community is something a lot of the LGBT+ community goes through and it shapes how you approach life and I am grateful to be able to relive these life moments through Tyler in a lot of ways.
Tell Me Why is planned for a mid-2020 release with three episodes across Xbox One and Windows PC.


Nov 16, 2018
Does it really matter what the guy does for a living? Though the game title makes this seem like a bigger problem than it is :p
There is no problem at all. It’s just great to see more people from the lgbt community getting opportunities like these to tell their story!


Mar 27, 2019
Hahaha, I read that title as if you were asking why would a transgender male get the lead role. It was until I read the article I realized that Tell me why was the name of the game. DONTNOD sounded familiar to me. A quick check and they reminded me of Life is Strange and it all made sense.

It is interesting they are tackling this and by the sounds of it, trying to make it authentic. I am curious about what they plan to bring to the table with it and if they are going to stick to the episodic, visual dairy kind of formula for this title or if now that they got more funds, will try a different approach.


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