1. Alex Wright

    Nvidia GeForce Now coming in October to Australia

    Nvidia GeForce Now beta will take place in Australia ahead of a full release coming in October 2021. The implementation will be handled by Perth-based ISP Pentanet, who will offer a series of beta quests and activities intended to collect data for the beta process. Stephen Cornish at Pentanet...
  2. Alex Wright

    Apple WWDC 2021 announcements detailed

    Apple has made a number of announcements as part of its WWDC 2021 event, and we've got all the details here. All important announcements made are as follows: iOS 15 iOS 15 will feature myriad improvements including changes to FaceTime that will help it to align itself as a true competitor to...
  3. Alex Wright

    The greatest strategy games ever made

    Whether you fancy yourself as a creative thinker or even something of a Machiavelli, one way to demonstrate your skills is to enter the proving grounds of strategy games. Of course, the very first and most crucial decision you will need to make is choosing which of the many strategy games on the...
  4. Alex Wright

    Hades adds cross-save support between Switch, PC

    Hades cross-save support is now available between Switch and PC, allowing users to switch between platforms to continue playing where they've left off. To enable, select Cross-Saves in the game’s main menu. You’ll need to connect your Steam or Epic Games Account via the interface. Once done...