4 Top Tips to Help You Get Better at League of Legends


If you're a new player or have a low rank, getting better at League of Legends is actually fairly simple.

Things might grow a lot more difficult as you go up the rated system. That isn't to say that once you start climbing, you won't become trapped!

We'll go over 4 tips and methods in this article to help you improve your League of Legends skills.

Using what I've discussed in this post, you'll undoubtedly ascend and notice a significant improvement in ranking by the end of the season!

This guide's recommendations aren't exclusive to any one position or player, therefore they'll work for everyone, regardless of their role!

1. Concentrate on a single role​

Stick to one major role and solely play that part in Ranked to boost your chances of winning games and improving overall in League of Legends. If you play every role or choose fill as your favourite role, your chances of winning games are drastically reduced.

Consider the following scenario: you've been filled and given Jungle. You don't know how to play Jungle very well, but you manage to finish the game. The enemy Jungler is a Jungle OTP. You'll find it difficult to compete with them since they know and act the part better than you do.

You will get more experience and be able to perform better if you stick to one role. You will become better at something the more you do it. Spending a lot of time in your main role will help you grasp how the part is played, how matchups work, and what you can and can't accomplish in certain matchups.

It is, nevertheless, beneficial to play a secondary role that is comparable to the lane in which you are the primary character. Support and ADC, for example, or Mid and Top. They overlap to some degree, and you can readily move information and skills from one function to the next.

2. Make your champion pool stronger​

In ranked, you must pick only a few champions to play, similar to maining a role. In League of Legends, there are 156 champions to choose from, and even if you played them all, you wouldn't be good enough to win games. Because you're used to playing 2 to 5 champions, you'll have a far better chance of winning games if you do so frequently.

Even though the odds are in your favour, if you're up against someone who one-tricks a champion and you've only played a few games with the champion you've chosen, it's evident that they'll win the match.

I recommend having one primary champion and two to four backup champions in case your main champion is banned or countered. If you're having trouble deciding which champions are excellent right now or which ones you should play, the LoL tier list is a fantastic place to start. Select a few champions who are presently in the S-tier.

It's also a good idea to choose champions who can flex or perform numerous roles. Lissandra, for example, may be pushed into the Mid and Top lanes despite her current lacklustre performance. Lucian is also playable at Top, Mid, and ADC.

3. Improve your wards​

Warding is one of the most underappreciated and underutilised abilities in League of Legends. Warding gives you and your squad with a wealth of information that can aid in game victory.

You must understand when, where, and how to ward successfully in League of Legends because it has such a large influence.

If you're not sure where to ward, I recommend reading this in-depth warding guide, which details all of the finest warding spots in League of Legends. It deconstructs each position and lane to make things more simpler!

Control Wards should be purchased and placed throughout the map throughout the game. You don't required to buy one on every back, but you should buy one every now and then and replace it when your old one dies or as the game progresses. Make sure you have Control Wards on hand and that you use them often.

4. Recognize how to control waves​

High ELO players misuse wave management and learning when to push and when not to push. It's difficult to master, but the premise is straightforward. When I watch lower ELO players lane, I notice a recurring blunder: how they handle minion waves.

During the laning phase, avoid repeatedly pushing the minion wave. If you keep pushing the minion wave, you'll be vulnerable to ganks from the opponent Jungler, which will cause you to die and fall behind.

Furthermore, pushing the opponent into their tower may allow them to zone you away from minions or all-in on you as you approach to secure final hits on opposing minions. On the other hand, because their tower shields them, you may find it difficult to combat the opponent or obtain kills.

It's easy to learn how to freeze. Make sure there are equal numbers of enemy and friendly minions in the lane if you want the minion wave to stay in the middle. Make sure there are more enemy minions than friendly minions if you want the wave to come closer to your side of the lane.

Freezing is a fantastic tactic. It can help you zone the enemy out of the farm and get an advantage in CS and XP. As a Jungler may easily gank an allied frozen lane, it can frequently result in single kills or kills for your Jungler.


To get better at League of Legends, you don't have to play it all the time. Learning fundamental principles and then using them in the game will assist you in climbing and making you a better player overall.

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I’ve never played LoL but I’ve always wanted to give it a go. Maybe when I start I can use these tips to help me get started.

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