8 Tips to Get Better at Smite


Smite may be a difficult game to master; with so many gods and modes to learn, you'll need some serious Smite tips to become a great master of the game.

This guide contains all you need to know about improving your Smite skills, as well as some basic Smite tips for beginners.

1. Experiment with different roles​

When we first start playing a new MOBA, we usually find one god or role that becomes our specialty. It's easy to get caught up in mastering one deity, but this stunts your overall development as a player. It will only make you a better player if you force yourself to venture outside of your comfort zone and attempt a new role. You can check out the Smite tier list as a guide.

Playing different roles for a few games would be one of the finest methods for you to grow. Learning new gods and roles will make ranking considerably simpler, since being comfortable in each job will let you feel more secure and contribute significantly to the team.

2. Play with variety of players​

This is a particularly difficult task for those of us who are timid or introverted. However, if you can push yourself and step outside of your comfort zone, it may be really beneficial.

Playing with the same individuals over time will provide you with a group with whom you can practise, bounce ideas off of, and get feedback. Friends might notice elements about your playing style that you may not have noticed, and they can give you helpful advice on how to improve. It just takes a few folks you meet along the way to become comfortable with one other and understand each other if you play together on a regular basis.

3. Develop a strong map awareness​

This is especially true in the Conquest game style. Map awareness and placement are two aspects that distinguish excellent players from great players.

It's vital to be able to maintain track of what's going on in the rest of the battlefield while simultaneously controlling your own lane. Your teammates should help by shouting out opponent rotations and alerting you to impending ganks, but they aren't infallible.

You'll be able to better predict opponent player moves and avoid ganks, as well as know when to push and when friends will need your help. Simply watching the minimap, listening to your teammates, and remembering the map goals are the greatest ways to do this.

4. Be conscious of your position​

Map awareness is comparable to positioning. Whether it comes to team fights, good placement involves understanding when to push forward or collapse beneath the tower and where to remain. Being aware of where you're standing can assist you avoid unnecessarily dying.

Put your movement in the forefront of your attention to practise this. If you're unsure, get some feedback from your teammates. Observing professional players and noting how they move their characters may also help you better.

5. Stay close to your teammates​

Smite isn't a game that pushes you to go solo and battle your entire team unless you're well ahead in the game—and even then, the danger exceeds the return. If you're up against two or three adversaries, don't go too far or they'll collapse on you, giving you an easy kill. Stay near the tower and concentrate on clearing minions; they may still try to attack you, but it's far riskier for them to do so while you're protected by your tower. Fall back until you can re-group with your buddies in Arena.

6. Learn from your mistakes​

As with any game, death in Smite is unavoidable and frustrating. Fortunately, there is a silver lining. These are the best times to assess your performance during a game.

Take a minute before you die to ask yourself a few questions. By analysing the events leading up to your death, you can identify and learn from your faults.

7. Do not be frightened to run​

If you're low on health and the adversary isn't, remember that returning to base is typically the best option! Yes, the opponent team may damage your towers (or place minions in your portal if you're playing Arena), but if you stay and are slain, the enemy will do it anyway, and you'll gain bonus money and experience points!

8. Get involved in the community​

The Smite community has done a fantastic job of producing a wealth of resources to aid others in their gaming improvement.

Reading guides or watching videos, like over at Pillar of Gaming, exposes you to fresh ideas and viewpoints that can help you better understand your favourite deity, role, and the game as a whole.

Smite Pro League players are some of the greatest individuals to ask. Hi- Rez has a Twitch account where he streams matches on a regular basis, while several players, like Allied, Weaken, and others, have their own channels.

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