1. Alex Wright

    News Unveiling the #1 Video Game Dominating the World Right Now

    The gaming industry is an ever-evolving landscape, with new titles vying for the top spot on a constant basis. As of the current moment, there's one video game that stands tall as the unrivaled #1 in popularity and impact, captivating players across the globe. In this article, we will explore...
  2. Alex Wright

    News The Top 10 Most Toxic Gaming Communities

    Gaming, with its vast and diverse player base, has fostered communities that offer camaraderie, creativity, and healthy competition. However, amidst the thriving positive environments, there are also pockets of toxicity that can poison the overall gaming experience. In this article, we delve...
  3. Melissa Adams

    News The Most Popular Games in the World

    The world of gaming has evolved exponentially over the years, transcending boundaries and captivating the imaginations of millions of players worldwide. From immersive virtual worlds to competitive multiplayer battles, games have become a global phenomenon, connecting individuals and communities...
  4. Alex Wright

    News The Powerhouse of Esports: Unveiling the Most Famous Titles

    In the realm of esports, numerous titles have risen to prominence, captivating millions of players and spectators around the globe. These games have become synonymous with the competitive gaming scene and have garnered massive followings, lucrative tournaments, and international recognition. In...
  5. Alex Wright

    News The Most Popular Student Games

    College life is a formidable challenge for scholars. The endless hours spent attending lectures, completing assignments, and taking exams can leave one feeling drained and fatigued. Nevertheless, every student requires a respite from their scholarly pursuits, and what better method to de-stress...
  6. Alex Wright

    News 10 Fortnite Tips for Your First Match

    The wildly successful free-to-play PC game Fortnite is the most recent game to cash in on the battle royale trend. Although the idea of Fortnite is well known, it stands out thanks to its unique construction mechanics and cartoon-style aesthetics. Being the last group, squad, or team standing...
  7. Alex Wright

    News 3 of the Most Popular Games Right Now

    Gaming is a fun hobby for a lot of people. There has always been a lot of disagreement about which the best console is, and this has caused a divide between a lot of people. However, what people seem to agree with is that there are some online games that are so much better than others. In this...
  8. Alex Wright

    News Esports In the World of Online Gambling

    The gambling world is more significant than ever, with thousands of different games to get involved in. One of the most advanced offerings is Virtual reality games. These have been around for decades, but technology has recently advanced enough to allow us to play them on our phones. Another...
  9. Alex Wright

    News 7 IPs That Blur The Line Between Video Games And Toys

    If you love video games, then you might be keen to explore some of the most popular titles that you can play in real life. There are lots of games that have blurred the line between games you can play on the screen and games you can play with toys. Here are some examples that are worth...
  10. Melissa Adams

    News 10 Best Crossplay Games to Play in 2022

    Not long ago, deciding between the latest PlayStation and Xbox systems came down to a lot more than simply money and personal choice. Players had to think about not just what worked best for them, but also which console their friends would be using. Over the years, it has sparked several heated...
  11. Alex Wright

    News What Does Esports Mean? A Beginner's Guide 2022

    One of the most successful digital enterprises is competitive gaming, which has evolved into a new branch of sport. We'll look at what esports are and how to get started in this post. What Does Esports Mean? Esports, or electronic sports, involves competitive gaming at a professional level. It...
  12. Alex Wright

    News 7 Top Esports Games in 2022

    Let's look at the 7 top esports games in 2022 in more detail. 1. League of Legends League of Legends, developed by Riot Games, is perhaps the greatest multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game available. It combines aspects of role-playing and tower defence in its gameplay. A real-time...
  13. Alex Wright

    News 10 Tips to Score a Victory Royale in Fortnite

    Although the battlefield is continuously developing and new features are often introduced, the basic gameplay of Fortnite largely remains unaltered, so having a decent collection of Fortnite tips on hand can greatly enhance your chances of winning the battle royale. Whether you're keeping under...
  14. Alex Wright

    News 8 Tips to Level Up Fast in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

    Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has arrived, along with a completely new Battle Pass. There are a slew of new skins and cosmetics to discover, including the long-awaited Doctor Strange as well as some fantastic new characters. Given the high quality of prizes available this season – plus the...
  15. Alex Wright

    News Another Round of Street Fighter Characters are Coming to Fortnite

    Round 2! Fight! Guile and Cammy are slated to join alongside Ryu and Chun-Li in Fortnite. The crossovers in Fortnite seem to never end, and now players will be getting two more characters from the famous Street Fighter series. These are no longer leaks, just facts. Guile and Cammy are...
  16. Alex Wright

    News Fortnite gift cards: a way to an elevated battle royale experience

    The free-to-play Battle Royale continues to provide millions of fans with entertainment since its launch back in 2017. Fortnite is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo devices creating a radiant world where cross-platform competitive gameplay and freedom for self-expression collide...
  17. Alex Wright

    News Fortnite Season 7 adds Rick and Morty, Superman

    Fortnite Season 7, dubbed Invasion, adds Rick and Morty and Superman to the popular battle royale game. Rick and Morty‘s Rick Sanchez is now available within Fortnite, while Superman is coming “later in the season”. Invasion, a heavy alien-theme, offers up Kymera Outfit which allows players...
  18. Alex Wright

    News Fortnite's survival mode Daybreak ready to launch

    Fortnite's sandbox survival mode, Daybreak, is ready for launch according to files added in today's new 16.40 patch. There's been glimpses of Daybreak in leaked files from previous patches and via internal documentation released as part of the ongoing Apple v Epic trial, back in 2020. This...
  19. Alex Wright

    News Next Gears of War title will run on Unreal Engine 5

    The next Gears of War title will run on Unreal Engine 5, and as a result, developer The Coalition will “not be announcing any new projects or titles for some time.” The first four Gears title's were developed by Epic Games until The Coalition entered the fray with Gears of War 4, which was the...
  20. Alex Wright

    News DC’s Beast Boy joins Raven in Fortnite

    The Teen Titans’ Beast Boy is the latest character to be added to Fortnite and joins Raven who debuted mid-April. The new skin is inspired by Gabriel Picolo’s Raven Loves Beast Boy and will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop alongside the Couch Titan Back Bling and BB’s Bonk Bat Pickaxe...
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