Minecraft Earth will shut down in June 2021

    Minecraft Earth will shut down from 30 June 2021 and will “re-allocate its resources to other areas that provide value to the Minecraft community,” developer Mojang has confirmed. The title has received its final build removing real-money transactions, reducing ruby costs and time requirements...

    Microsoft asks Xbox users if they want PS5 DualSense controller features

    Microsoft has offered a survey to its Xbox users asking if they want PS5 DualSense controller features and if the Xbox Series X “feels next-gen”. Xbox also asked users if they’ve used the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S new dedicated Share button, if they’re satisfied with the new Share button...

    The Medium gets R18+ classification in Australia

    Bloober Team’s The Medium has received R18+ classification in Australia after being Refused Classification earlier in the year. The classification states the title has strong impact themes, moderate impact language and very mild impact sex. Although the title has no nudity or drug use. The...

    Xbox Games with Gold January 2021

    Xbox Games with Gold January 2021 free tiles have been revealed by Microsoft, and includes two titles on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S alongside two Xbox and Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles. Those who are subscribed to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be able to claim...

    Halo services on Xbox 360 will shut down in 2021

    Halo services on Xbox 360 will shut down in December 2021, Microsoft and 343 Industries have confirmed. A Halo Waypoint post reads: Halo titles on Xbox 360 have been delisted, and any 360 DLC can still be “acquired at no cost”. 343 Industries also confirmed that private matchmaking games will...

    CD Projekt Red responds to those requesting Cyberpunk 2077 refund

    Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red has informed its customers of its refund policy by letting them know what to expect next. A statement reads: The statement reminds those who have purchased the title digitally to “please follow the refund process of each respective platform.” The news...

    Cyberpunk 2077 refunds for Xbox being issued by Microsoft

    Cyberpunk 2077 refunds for Xbox One are being issued by Microsoft, allowing users to request their money back for the digital version, the company has declared. A statement reads: Head here to get a full refund for the title. The news comes after CD Projekt Red spoke about the state of the...

    EA Play on Xbox Game Pass for PC delayed to 2021

    EA Play on Xbox Game Pass for PC has been delayed to 2021, EA and Microsoft have advised. Those on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S gained access to the service back in November and was scheduled for PC access sometime this month. Sadly, that's no longer the case. Xbox Wire detailed...

    Fortnite adds Halo's Master Chief in-game

    Fortnite has added Halo‘s Master Chief in-game alongside God of War‘s Kratos and The Mandalorian‘s Mandalorian. The Chief is now available in-game with a skin that includes a holographic Battle Legend Back Bling for 1,500 V-Bucks. Other Halo-themed options have been added like UNSC Pelican...

    New Perfect Dark officially confirmed by Microsoft

    A rumoured new Perfect Dark game has officially been confirmed by Microsoft. The title was announced during The Game Awards 2020, its still very early in development. It’s being developed by Microsoft’s premium studio, The Initiative. We’ll keep you posted on Perfect Dark as we learn more...

    xCloud beta will return to iOS in Q2 2021, says Microsoft

    xCloud beta will return to the iOS platform in the second quarter of 2021, Microsoft has confirmed. Microsoft said: The browser-based solution will allow more devices to access the game streaming service. Microsoft continued: The update also confirmed that a number of countries will leave...

    Halo Infinite set to launch in Fall 2021

    Halo Infinite was originally planned to launch with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S but was delayed for fine tuning, its now set to launch in Fall 2021, developer 343 Industries has confirmed. Joseph Staten at 343 Industries took to the Halo Waypoint blog with the new release date of “Fall...

    Gears 5 Hivebusters expansion arrives on 15 December

    Gears 5 Hivebusters expansion will head to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Windows PC on 15 December, Microsoft and The Coalition have confirmed. The said expansion is priced at $19.99 USD, or free to those with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. It includes a new 3-hour...

    Microsoft acquires Esports platform

    Microsoft has acquired Esports platform, it’s been announced. A message on reads: The company said on Twitter: What do you make of the acquisition? In September, Microsoft acquired Bethesda, the publishers behind The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Doom.

    Xbox Series November 2020 update adds more dynamic backgrounds

    Xbox Series November 2020 update adds more dynamic backgrounds to personalise your console. Microsoft said of the feature: To test the available options, head into Settings > General > Personalisation > My Colour and Background > Dynamic Backgrounds. They’ll conform to your chosen colour...

    Microsoft Flight Simulator to support VR in December 2020

    Microsoft Flight Simulator will support VR in December 2020, developer Asobo Studio has confirmed. The developer has also detailed plans that will focus on Great Britain, offered in a future update. The VR support is expected on 22 December 2020. It will be part of the free Sim Update 2, and...

    Halo Infinite announcements coming end of 2020

    Halo Infinite will receive announcements at the end of 2020, with 343 Industries being “much more communicative in the coming months”, the developer pledged. John Junyszek, at 343, wrote in a recent update: Junyszek also wrote: The title was planned for the Xbox Series X and Series S launch...

    Where to buy Xbox Series X in the UK, US: Restock guide

    The Xbox Series X and Series S launched this month, with plenty of gamers waiting to get their hands on the current-gen console as stock is selling fast. Thanks to Black Friday, Xbox Series X and Series S have been restocked by retailers as we see more consoles in stores and online in the runup...

    Xbox Game Pass December 2020 added and removed games

    Xbox Game Pass December 2020 added and removed games are starting to be detailed by Microsoft for console and PC libraries, and we've got the list here for you. Those subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate have access to both, console and PC libraries. We’ve also included Xbox Game Pass Ultimate...

    PS5 outperforms Xbox Series X on third-party titles

    Microsoft is investigating a number of performance issues surrounding third-party titles on Xbox Series X and Series and is working to correct those issues, the company has advised. A new report suggests that the Xbox Series X, capable of 12 teraflops of performance, is being outdone by the PS5...